Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh yeah, blogs

Hey Internet world,

I just rediscovered my old LiveJournal and I realized I missed journaling. Since I am too embarrassed to link to that old thing-- full of early 20s anxiety and failed relationships--I'll start fresh here on my blogger blog. Nobody reads it (yet!) so no pressure. I can just babble on as I am doing for posterity.

As someone employed as a journalist/editor, I've hit something of a writer's block in terms of creative output, and hopefully these ramblings will loosen things up in that cluttered brain of mine and the juices will start flowing again. Who knows what fantastical subjects I will explore! What late night revelations will be divulged! Or perhaps this space will be used as it once was (when I wrote for SE Performer) to include bonus, behind-the-scenes editorial commentary that doesn't make it to print at my full-time job. So much potential. Or, perhaps, I will fill the world wide web with stream of consciousness gibberish until it bores me and then I'll ignore this space for another couple years. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Let us begin this journey, together, World Wide Friends.