Tuesday, October 28, 2008

but does the food taste as bad as the bands sound?

this story made me cry a little...

SPARTANBURG, S.C., Oct. 28, 2008 — Denny’s introduces a new line-up of late-night dishes created by top artists including Katy Perry, Taking Back Sunday, Boys Like Girls and Hoobastank. The new Rockstar Menu presented by Dr Pepper, is featured only after 10 p.m., along with alternative rock played throughout the restaurant and servers sporting T-shirts and jeans.

“Denny’s has been a late-night destination for musicians for over 50 years,” says Mark Chmiel, chief marketing and innovation officer for Denny’s. “We’re continuing to own the night in keeping with our rock ‘n roll heritage. These items were created by the artists in our Denny’s kitchens, and we look forward to sharing them with guests and fans.”

America’s original late-night diner introduces four new distinctive menu items created by the rock stars, along with Chef Andrew Dismore, Denny’s Director of Culinary Innovation.
The new Rockstar Menu selection includes:
The Hot N Cold Cherry Chocolate Cappuccino -- A tasty, multi-layered concoction inspired by the singer’s new hit single, “Hot n’ Cold.” Katy Perry’s pick-me-up drink includes cherries, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, French vanilla cappuccino and whipped cream with a cherry on top.
Taking Back Sunday’s Melty Grilled Chicken and Sausage Quesadilla -- The New York rockers Taking Back Sunday have cooked up a quesadilla that will fill any late night cravings. The dish is a large flour tortilla, stuffed with chicken breast, sausage, American cheese, fire-roasted peppers and onions, fresh pico de gallo and served with a cilantro-lime ranch sauce.
The Great Eggsteak -- Boys Like Girls introduce a hot roast beef sandwich with peppers and onions, pepper jack cheese, scrambled egg and spicy mayonnaise on sourdough bread. Served with hash browns.
The Hooburrito -- Hoobastank serves up a burrito with crispy chicken strips, pepper jack cheese, cheese sauce, fried onion crispers and a hint of barbecue sauce. Served with tortilla chips, and a side of cheese sauce and ranch.
In describing The Hot N Cold Cherry Chocolate Cappuccino she created, artist Katy Perry says, “It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s a love affair for your taste buds.”

The launch of the new items is supported by promotions, contests and band news available at www.dennysallnighter.com. The site also offers future rock stars the chance to connect with their fan base and receive promotional support and free meals on the road through the Denny’s Adopt-A-Band program.

The new additions to the Rockstar Menu complement the Allnighter menu introduced earlier this year. The Allnighter menu features shareable favorites such as Potachos--kettle chips topped with sausage, bacon and shredded cheese, and the Smokin’ Q Four Pack, tangy mini-burgers served with a double order of onion rings. The Allnighter Rockstar menu is available between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. nightly.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

classic shane moment

shane: matt burger and i did sound for him together. he is also the guy who taught me piano.
eli: oh, so he is a pianist, too?
shane: no, he was a nice guy.

*laughter erupts*

eli: shane, do you even know why we are laughing?
shane: no.
me: i have to blog immediately
shane: you have a blog?
me: . . . .
shane: ohh yeah. what is it? michelle.. fail.. words.. me?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


How can I get one of those big blue "Michelle" signs that were in the audience at the Democratic Convention last night when Michelle Obama spoke?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"bill gates" is the name you're looking for..

shane and i were watching this absurd made for tv drama that involved a hostage crisis in some rich dude's home. despite absurd amounts of security equipment and technology, three douchebag kids were able to basically stroll right in. and, of course, rich dude happens to leave a safe full of cash open. anyway, the final straw came when a button was pushed and the whole house became blockaded transformer-style by these massive gates.

me: that is ridiculous.
shane: not even ed mcmahon has a house like that!

haha! what? of all celebrities in the world, shane uses ed mcmahon as a metaphor for extravagance. didn't he just file for bankruptcy?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


i haven't been recording shanisms for a while. here's a recap of some recent faves:

dan: man, i am so hungry
shane: we've got some peanuts
dan: oh yeah, i need check my fridge


shane: "it's raining cats and balls!"


shane: "10 times out of 11 we go to kroger"


shane: i am older than you guys! i watched different stuff than you
me and eli: yeah, right! just four years.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't dread on me.

Whenever I see someone with dreads, you know, like really long dreads, I have the impossibly strong urge to grab their locks and knot them into a macrame owl. If only I could remember how from my arts and crafts class.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lez be serious now.

Man, fuck Bonnaroo.

How can you take a festival seriously that has a cover band on the bill? Lez Zeppelin? Maybe this wouldn’t so egregious if Robert Plant wasn’t himself on the bill already! Not that a tribute band really ever gets any attention, but if it did, I can imagine the rumors that might swirl around a double billing of Lez Zeppelin and RobertPplant: “Is Plant going to join them on stage? Are the Lez girls going to back him?” Well, the answer is no. Rob is too busy prancing around like some geriatric sugar daddy singing duets with a young fiddle-wielding country star. Oh, how the celebrities do fall from grace.

Sure, Krauss and Plant have generated some decent pop tunes (wait, is there more than one song?), but we’re talking about the decline of a rock legend here. If he starts singing karaoke-style with a cover band, truly all hope is lost. And yes, I am impressed that the chicks in Lez Zeppelin can really shred, but unfortunately not well enough to find success with their own material. So, I'm not that impressed; not enough to give them a slot on Bonnarroo, anyways.

It's just really sad to me that you can go to a festival where Robert Plant is on the bill, but to hear Led Zeppelin you have to see a jokey cover band.

Seriously, why can’t Jimmy just get up there with Plant instead? THEN we’d have a real festival.

You'd think they would at least make up for the weak supporting acts with some killer headliners, but instead we get Metallica. I don't think they even have any fans left who care enough to illegally download their next record.

Damn hippies.