Monday, November 5, 2007

Shane's Tourist Facts: Paducah, KY

Shane went to Paducah, KY on a biznass trip two weeks ago. Why? I'm not sure. Apparently people in Paducah also need styling irons and shampoo. I had never heard of Paducah before, but I enjoyed creating various nicknames for the town such as "po-dunk-ah," and "pa-dunka-dunk." After a month of speculation and anticipation, Shane finally arrived (by propeller plane) into this fine Southern city. I couldn't wait to hear what Paducah was really like. Unfortunately, I never found out.

Me: So what are you doing now?
Shane: We just had lunch, and now they are showing me around downtown Paducah.
Me: Ooh! So what's downtown Paducah like?
Shane: Um (audibly distracted) there's uh, buildings...some are taller than others. Like, there's a four-story building. There's also trees.
I waited for more, but that was it. That's all I got. Why would I need more, really? The imagery was so strong, I felt transported to this quintessential American town which, by Shane's vivid description is CLEARLY not at all in a desert.

I was suddenly reminded of Paducah's famous tourist slogan: "Come to Paducah: The city of variously sized buildings!" Or: "See the 4-Story Building!" and "Paducah: Now with more trees!"
Oh, Shane. Future travel guide author extraordinaire.


paducahshane said...

Just checking the connection speed of my new notebook and decided to google my screen name paducahshane and got your blog. As you are apt to have already deduced I am from Paducah and my name is Shane. pleasure to make the aquantance... Paducah is an interesting place were you just can't fall into stuff to do you have to have intrest, a open ear, keen eye and a little luck if you want to find something to do. I think eating is the main past time. Their is more and mostly it revolves around family, community and ones faith. We are growing with the recent addition of a performing arts center and have added a little culture with an artist relocation program directed at renovation of the lower town and its historic buildings. I am just a longshoreman working out of NYC and am not claiming to know much. My work affords me to live were ever, when on dry land and I always choose Paducah.
Shane Arnett

Michelle said...

Wow, thanks PaducahShane! I am so glad you found my blog. I really appreciate you filling me on what Paducah is all about. Certainly my Shane wasn't particularly observant or informative...but then, he never is.