Monday, October 15, 2007

the gospel according to Chance

I had the pleasure of interviewing Atlanta band The Lord is My Shotgun for Southeast Performer Magazine. The final, edited article will appear in December's issue, but there were some choice quotes that didn't make the cut. Singer Chance Walls was an absolute riot, and I had to publish some of his more memorable moments somewhere. Enjoy:

on our inalienable rights:
"We're talking about the constitution here. The Founding Fathers were very libertarian. They were like 'are you cool with just this? Yeah I'm cool with this' and it was just 1. love thy neighbor and 2. mind your own fucking business. And they were cool with that."

on getting signed:
“There’s nothing a record label can do for me that I can’t do for myself. If sittin in that booth was a record exec and just a rich ass fucking cool millionaire, I’m gonna choose the rich ass cool fucking millionaire because, you know what? Together we’re going to do the same thing. Either I have a dude that’s completely in it for himself, or I have a dude that’s wealthy and doesn’t give a shit. I’m going to pick the other guy."

"Hey listen, if someone wants to come at us and throw us a bunch of money then fuckin A, bring it on, man. All that’s gonna do is enable me to get my message out to more people. I’ll take it. As long as it’s not coming from some sort of political terrorist foundation....There’s so many of those, we know, that are funding bands. I’ll take it."

his special request that i couldn't honor:
"Please put that in print: If you don't give a shit please contact Chance from The Lord is My Shotgun 'cause he wants to talk to you. 'Cause I wanna know how that fuckin feels. Ignorance is bliss? It must be. Because there's a lot of of it, seems to me, in the White House."

(my favorite quotes that i DID include in the article)
On subscribing to a particular point of view
"You don’t have to be a Libertarian. You can be a Jedi Fucking Knight, man, I don’t give a shit."

On living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle:
“A lot of bands say that they play for the sex, drugs, rock n roll thing and that's fine, man, but there's no real gratificiation in any of that shit. Not to say that I don’t have my fair share of it even as I sit here right now talking ot you. .. I'm no stranger to sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll... at all. I'm no saint, but I'll still wake up in the morning as a third party freedom fighting motherfucker. "