Wednesday, September 12, 2007

flight of the polaks

I love Flight of the Conchords. So much. I've loved them since their stand-up days, and even more now with their HBO show. However, the one thing that distracts me from every episode is how much Jemaine looks like my dad. Seriously! Every episode I just stare at Jemaine and think how much he looks like my dad when he was younger. I've mentioned this a few times to friends and nobody really believes me, having never seen my dad when he was young.

Well folks, I finally have photographic evidence! Check this out:

My dad, 1969. Jemaine Clement, 2007 (they both play guitar, too!)

Still don't see the resemblance? Maybe this will help:

With glasses:

Eh? Eh? Anybody? Also, please note my dad's super rare 9-string hollow-body electric guitar. Crazy.

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