Friday, September 7, 2007

i must be pretty boring in the womb, right?

Hi. My name is Michelle, and I'm a dork.

My "manager" Leigh Ann always makes fun of me at work because we'll start talking about something random and then I have to immediately go online and research everything I can find about it. Like "hey have you heard there is a tomato juice energy drink?" And then I say "wow!" and go online and discuss it, as Leigh Ann says, "in chatrooms, message boards, and blogs."

So, that's what happened this morning more or less. I couldn't stop yawning and I thought, "why is it, again, that we yawn?" I asked my friend Google, and he filled me in on theories of yawning. But what I found most interesting, is that unborn fetuses yawn in the womb! Weeird!! And scientists don't really know why since they aren't even breathing through their mouths yet.

Of course I couldn't stop there...I went on to read more and more about "fetal yawning" and I found this really disturbing movie of a fetus yawning. Babies look like aliens!
Just wanted to share that with you. Also, I have a new hardcore band. We're called FETAL YAWNING. we're boring

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